Culture Change for High Performance

Our premiere customized service as highlighted in our founder's book, Cultural Change in Organizations.
Goal Alignment - Our full system alignment process starts at the top and cascades throughout the organization, engaging the entire workforce in meeting or exceeding your goals - described in detail in Chris Crosby's Strategic Organizational Alignment.

Leadership & Workforce Development

Tough Stuff™ – Our signature application of T-group experiential learning to business, aimed at fostering high performance behavior at every level of an organization.
Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP) – Our transformational leadership training (5 to 7 modules over the course of a year), where the learning is carefully aligned to your business goals.
High Impact Coaching
Customized Problem Solving and/or Process Improvement.

Whole Systems Planning Interventions

TIPI - Our proven method for bringing a cross-section of an organization together to tackle business critical issues...a rapid injection of engagement and ownership that is a culture change intervention unto itself - results...For a video tour, click here
Project Turnaround Intensive Planning Intervention (TIPI) – The original application of our whole systems planning methodology - to revitalize failing projects & get them on track.
Mergers (Planning, Cultural Integration & Implementation).

Contract Organization Development Services

Enjoy the advantages of an internal OD professional without the costs of a permanent position.  By utilizing our contract services you receive the ongoing support you need in order to reach new levels of performance and/or build your own internal capacities for continued and sustained performance into the future.

IT Implementation

IT Implementation/Change Management – Your IT implementations will have the engagement process needed to ensure they are as successful as possible in the eyes of not only top management but the end users themselves...For more information, click here

Work Team Development

Work Group - Customized work focused team-building to help any group tackle issues, take action, and build stronger relationships.
Survey Feedback - A powerful team-building method utilizing survey data to generate dialogue, problem solving, and follow-through.
Leadership Transition Process – Proven to avert transition performance dips and accelerate synergy between a new boss and their employees.
High Engagement Meetings & Retreats.

Conflict Utilization/Management

We specialize in turning conflict between individuals and/or groups into a path to high performance culture.
Servicios y materiales, ahora disponibles en español.
Contact us at for John Wallen's Interpersonal Gap in Spanish and more.
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