Tough Stuff Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace - 
Developing Leaders who Engage for Results 
Next Session April 16th - 20th 2018!
“I went through this almost 20 years ago at PECO Nuclear and it is the only training that has ever stuck with me. I use the skills and concepts every day.” – Nuclear Industry VP

"My employee grew more in one week of Tough Stuff than he has in the previous 24 years I have known him." 
“Excellent. I can see how this will be immediately applicable to work and to life.”
- Jamaican Tough Stuff Session Participant

Tough Stuff Train the Trainer Session

Join us April 15th - 20th 2018 for this advanced group leadership and facilitator training. 

Two Day EQ Crash Courses and Tough Stuffs in Jamaica

“Crosby & Associates has created a masterful model of leadership that contradicts the old adage ‘that leaders are born and not made.’ Their books and teaching provide clarity on all the attributes to become an effective leader. Companies should use them to create leaders at all levels within their organization.” - Jerome Maxwell, Former Managing Director, Jamalco

“Relaxing, knowledgeable, interesting, enlightened self awareness, time well spent, an educational, wonderful experience." --Jamaican Tough Stuff Participant
“Overall, I would recommend this workshop to ANY group looking for improvement!” -Jamaican Tough Stuff Session Participant

“Powerful work – doesn’t matter where you are in your journey – I believe anyone can benefit from these strategies and trainings. Thank you!”

"Gil Crosby is a real vibes man. A wealth of knowledge is what he exhibits, the experience he gathers over the many such trainings that he has administered, surely help in his delivery."

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