Culture Change for High Performance


Our premiere customized service as highlighted in our founder's book, Culture Change in Organizations - for past results, click here.


Goal Alignment - Our full system alignment process starts at the top and cascades throughout the organization, engaging the entire workforce in meeting or exceeding your goals.


Leadership & Workforce Development


Tough Stuff – Our signature application of T-group experiential learning to business, aimed at fostering high performance behavior at every level of an organization.


Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP) – Our transformational leadership training (5 to 7 modules over the course of a year), where the learning is carefully aligned to your business goals.


High Impact Coaching


EQ Profile - Coaching utilizing our preferred Emotional Intelligence tool.


Tough Stuff™ based Assessment & Development Centers.


High Impact Workshops


Business Critical Problem Solving and/or Process Improvement.


Whole Systems Planning Interventions (aka TIPI)


TIPI - Our proven method for bringing a cross-section of an organization together to tackle business critical issues...a rapid injection of engagement and ownership that is a culture change intervention unto itself - results.


Project Turnaround Intensive Planning Intervention (TIPI) – The original application of our whole systems planning methodology - to revitalize failing projects & get them on track.


Mergers (Planning, Cultural Integration & Implementation).


Contract Organization Development Services


Enjoy the advantages of an internal OD professional without the costs of a permanent position. 


IT Implementation


IT Implementation/Change Management – Our full service cutting edge process that has delivered on time, on budget, high quality  implementations time and again - read more in Human Factors 7.2.


Work Team Development


Work Group - Customized work focused team-building to help any  group tackle issues, take action, and build stronger relationships.


Survey Feedback - A powerful team-building method utilizing survey data to generate dialogue, problem solving, and follow-through.


Leadership Transition Process – Proven to avert transition performance dips and accelerate synergy between a new boss and their employees.


High Engagement Meetings & Retreats.


Conflict Resolution/Management


We specialize in turning conflict between individuals and/or groups into a path to high performance culture.


Servicios y materiales, ahora disponibles en español.


Contact us at for John Wallen's Interpersonal Gap in Spanish and more.

News & Events

Two Day EQ Crash Course in Philadelphia, PA Sept 7th & 8th 2017!
Two Day EQ Crash Course in Kingston, Jamaica, Sept 20th & 21st 2017!
RPC Seattle Tough Stuff EQ in the Workplace session, Oct 2-6 2017 & Train-the-Trainer, Oct 1-6 2017!
Groundbreaking new book by Chris Crosby!
Click the logo to learn more and/or enroll in our online Emotionally Intelligent Leadership class!
We are proud that our founder recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the OD Network!
Crosby & Associates designed and delivered the T-Group based modules of the Management Excellence Program that earned the 2015 NTI Model Program award!

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